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Ver Taxi Number 9211 (2006) Online Gratis
Dead Pack

Ver Taxi Number 9211 (2006) Online Gratis


It tells the story of two men, both victims of anger, which is involved in an accident showing their worst qualities . Belong to opposite ends of the social scale . Raghav Shastri [ Nana Patekar ] is a cynical grumpy. It has changed 23 times working in the last fifteen years. It is an insurance salesman in the world, but in reality , is a caustic and witty cabbie instinctive need Rs 30,000 . to pay for food , the owner of the taxi and the studies of his son.

Jai Mittal [ John Abraham ] , an heir acid is an ingenious business family [ Aakash Khurana ] has to go to court and prove their claims for 300 million rupees. Today is your last chance. A trusted aide [ Shivaji Satam ] his father is the sole beneficiary . Naturally , Jai challenges the will in court .
There was no reason for Raghav and Jai were found. But circumstances unite them . Now Raghav has something that Jai desperately needs [ the locker key , which is kept safely will] and Raghav is in no mood to give it back . What follows is a game of cat and mouse rivalry , how Raghav and Jai come to increasingly hostile ends to win the game.

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