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Ver Shootout At Lokhandwala Online Gratis
Dead Pack

Ver Shootout At Lokhandwala Online Gratis


On a calm summer day in 1991, in the bustling Lokhandwala Complex, fivecriminals including Maya and Dilip were counting 70 lakhs in flat no.32 B, when 286 policemen, headed by ACP Khan, took strategic positionsaround their building. A gunfire ensued and the entire nation witnessedthe most talked about daylight encounter lasting 6 hours thattransformed suburban Mumbai into a virtual war zone. Shootout AtLokhandwala is the story of a seasoned cop, Khan, who chased Khalistaniextremists, handpicked cops like Inspector Kaviraj Patil and ConstableJaved Shaikh, and dared to engage trigger-happy gangsters in aresidential locality of Mumbai. Khan’s fight went beyond the encounteras he faced inquisition from his own department and legal charges ofhuman rights violations. Shootout At Lokhandwala is the story of anupcoming underworld gangster, Maya, and his highly skilled partner,Dilip. The two made extortion the buzzword in the early 90s and daredto disobey the big bhai of the underworld, drawing the attention ofKhan and his newly formed ATS squad. Both Khan and Maya were menobsessed, so devoted to their professions that their personal liveswere a disaster.

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