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Ver Murder 2 (2011) Online Gratis
Dead Pack

Ver Murder 2 (2011) Online Gratis


Star Cast: EmraanHashmi…… Arjun, Jacqueline Fernandez…… Priya, Yana Gupta……Special Appearance, Prashant Narayanan…… Dheeraj, Sudhanshu Pandey,Sandeep Sikand, Shweta Kawatra…… Guest Appearance, SulagnaPanigrahi…… Reshma
Genre: Crime/ Thriller
Shooting Studios: Filmcity
Producer: MukeshBhatt
Executive Producer / Co-Producer: KumkumSaigal
Director: MohitSuri
Cassettes and CD’s on: T-Series
Singers: HarshitSaxena, Sunidhi Chauhan, Kshitij Tarey, Saim, Mithoon, Mohd Irfan,Arijit, Sangeet Haldipur, Roshni Baptist
Lyricist: SayeedQadri, Kumaar, Mithoon
Music Director: HarshitSaxena, Sangeet Haldipur, Siddharth Haldipur, Mithoon
Cinematography: RaviWalia
Choreography: RajuKhan
Editor: DevendraMurdeshwar
Screenplay: ShaguftaRafique
Sound: KunalMehta, Parikshit Lalwani
Dialogue: ShaguftaRafique
Story / Writer: MaheshBhatt

Synopsis: ArjunBhagwat is a Goan ex-cop who earns his bread doing all the wrong andodd jobs. His family was so troubled by their poverty that it becamedifficult for them to survive. For Arjun, money became a priority andthe basis for any job he took up.

Arjun meets Sameer, a Goan gangster who has been suffering a huge lossas his hookers have been running away. He immediately assigns Arjun forthe job offering him a huge sum and knowing his skills of investigationas an ex-cop in order to find those girls.

Priya, a young girl who plays a model in the film, is deeply in lovewith Arjun. However, he is hesitant to admit it as for him the onlything that matters is money. Thru his investigation, Priya does notunderstand his hesitance in giving a name to their relationship.

Whilst investigating, Arjun realizes that the girls missing areconnected by one cell phone number. He decides that in order to catchthe lion one must feed him the lamb. He devises a plan that involvessending a girl to that particular customer.

Here comes in Reshma, a young college girl who is into the professionof prostitution in order to feed and support her family. She becomesthe innocent prey, and is then sent to the antagonists’ house, DheerajPandey. The unexpected happens as we reveal that Dheeraj is a serialkiller who plays a eunuch in the film. He is a sex addict and hence,decides to brutally murder women.

But as fate has it, thru the journey of investigation, Arjun andDheeraj cross paths. Arjun gets into a tiff with Dheeraj and they bothland up at the police station. Dheeraj being the sociopath admits to acrime so heinous that even the police gets shocked by his behavior.

Now it’s all upto Arjun Bhagwat. He has one night to find some proof inorder to keep Dheeraj in jail. He needs to find Reshma because hebegins to feel guilty about his plan of sending her as bait. Herealizes that Reshma’s background is similar to his and hence, feelscompassion towards her. Thru his investigation, he meets several peoplewho have had an encounter with this serial killer including his familyand a hooker who managed to escape.

Things don’t go as planned and Dheeraj leaves the police station as afree bird as there is no evidence against him. Meanwhile, the nextvictim on his list turns out to be Priya. The road for Arjun is nowdifficult. Will he be able to gather substantial evidence? Will he findReshma and save Priya or will it be too late?

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