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Ver Mumbai Mirror (2013) Online Gratis

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Star Cast: Sachiin Joshi…. Abhijeet Patil, Prakash Raj…. Shetty,Vimala Raman…. Jia, Prashant Narayanan…. Prashant, AdityaPancholi…. Durani Shetty, Mahesh Manjrekar…. ACP Gaitonde, RajaBherwani…. Nikhil, Rajendra Chawla, Sudesh BerryGenre: Crime,ThrillerDirector: Ankush BhattProducer: Raina Sachiin JoshiMusic Director: Anand Raj Anand, Amjad NadeemSingers: Shreya Ghoshal, Sonu Nigam, Wajid Ali, Ritu Pathak,Preeti-Pinky, Mamta Raaut, Sayantani DasLyricist: Shabbir Ahmed, Naveen Tyagi, Satya PrakashSynopsis: Mumbai Mirror is a cop-drama film, which with its uniquescreenplay that also manages to fall in the genres of suspense andaction. The protagonist of the film is Abhijeet Patil, a policeofficer; and the film revolves around the rise and falls of his life.Being a police officer in this big-bad city called Mumbai can be quitesome task. Mumbai, contrary to the other parts of the country, works onits own unique little philosophy. People here are the most ambitiousand the risks taken for the fulfillment of the same are the mostdangerous. Everybody who comes here starts running for an unknown race,and each one aspires to win it. This film predominantly captures thisstruggle for the survival of the fittest.When Abhijeet sets out in the beginning of the film, he is one of thebest cops, handling an important mission involving drug dealing andbeing successful in completing it with ease. But as the film progresseswe see him rubbing the wrong people on the wrong sides. He messes upwith a very powerful man called Shetty, who runs innumerous illegalbars and is involved in drug mafia. Little did he know then, thattrying to fool him, could end up being his most foolish mistake. Hegets entangled in the hard core drug circuit, where most of his seniorsare involved and ends up getting for him a termination from the job.Abhijeet on one hand is a no-nonsense cop, not allowing illegalactivities to run in his territories, but on the other hand, is anotorious cop who does constant cricket betting and later even getscaught up in a severe drug addiction. Abhijeet arrests Shetty, who runsillegal activities. While Shetty is out for revenge, Durani, who headsthe betting mafia, is also out there for recovery of his payments.After the termination, the series of destructing and humiliatingexperiences that follow leave Abhijeet worried and broken. That’s whenhis loved ones come to his rescue, help him get out of this situationand have a probable fight back.People and their reach or influences are unpredictable. This is oneother factor that gets exposed through the layers of the film, as thescreenplay progresses. When Abhijeet starts investigating one of hiscolleagues’ murders, a completely new racket comes out in open.As the movie a progress, Abhijeet learns to play his cards wisely andthus changes the game.

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