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Dead Pack

Ver GangSter-en Online Gratis


Simran (Kangna Ranaut) drowns her misery in booze.Her one friend in Seoul, is Aakash, a singer in an Indian restaurant. One night,Simran tells Aakash of her past and of the reasons for herloneliness.Originally a bar dancer in Mumbai, India, Simran is thegirlfriend of a notorious gangster, Daya (Shiney Ahuja), who is a headhunter forhire. Five years ago, Daya’s gang boss Khan (Gulshan Grover) ordered Daya togive Simran up because she was distracting him from his work. When Khanthreatened Simran, Daya turned on him and Khan cut Daya loose from his gang,warning Daya that he would regret choosing Simran over Khan.Pursued bythe Indian police and Khan’s men, she and Daya were forced to flee to Seoul.Traveling in disguise as a family, they took a small boy named Bittu with them.Simran finally believed that she could have the happy family life that she hadalways wanted, and she and Daya became very attached to and protective of Bittu.After an encounter with the Seoul police, however, Bittu was killed, causing astrain in the couple’s relationship and pushing Simran toward alcoholism.Leaving Simran alone in Seoul, Daya went to work in Mauritius and thenDubai.Aakash tells Simran that he cares for her despite her past, andtheir relationship gradually develops from friendship to love. Daya, who isstill in Dubai, is shown to be frustrated and angry when Simran does not returnhis phone calls, and he suddenly comes to Seoul. When he learns of Simran’saffair with Aakash, he attacks and severely beats Aakash in a fit of rage andjealousy, but is stunned when Simran angrily confronts him and says that he hascaused her nothing but pain, and that he will never change. Realizing thatSimran is right, Daya professes his love for her and promises to reform andfulfill her dreams of a normal life; he also tells her that if she truly lovesAakash he will not hold her back. Before Simran can respond, the police arrivein pursuit of Daya and Simran, and so the two of them flee.Daya givesup murdering innocents and begins working odd jobs, admitting to Simran that hehas found peace in doing honest work. He says that he would like to return tohis village in India with her, so that they might live there peacefully, butthat in order to do so he would have to perform one last crime: two fakepassports for himself and Simran. Simran, who is longing for Aakash, soondiscovers that she is pregnant with Aakash’s child. When she tells Aakash of herpregnancy, he comes to meet her and tells her that he would like to marry her,but that they would never find peace as long as Daya was still at large. He saysthat for the sake of their unborn child, Daya must be turned in to the police,and that only Simran can do this. Simran, who is still emotionally attached toDaya, refuses to turn him in.

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