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Ver Dabangg (2010)-en Online Gratis
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Ver Dabangg (2010)-en Online Gratis


SYNOPSIS‘I dont want to be shattered from dangers, I want to befearless while facing them’ DABANGG means Fearless.Set in Laalgurj, Uttar Pradesh, Dabangg is a story of Chulbul Pandey(Salman Khan), a totally fearless but corrupt police officer withunorthodox working methods.But even the most fearless at times face a tough fight with theirinnermost demons. Chulbul has had a bitter childhood. His father passedaway when he was young and mother Nalini (Dimple Kapadia) marriedPrajapati Pandey (Vinod Khanna). Together, they had a son Makhanchan(Arbaaz Khan).Prajapati favours Makhanchan which does not go down well with Chulbul.He decides to take the control of his destiny and detaches himself fromhis stepfather and half brother. His sole attachment is his mother.However after his mother’s demise and an unsuccessful attemptto mend wounds, Chulbul snaps all ties with his stepfather and halfbrother.Rajo (Sonakshi Sinha) with her unique perspective of life enters hisworld and turns upside down. Chulbul starts to see life more positivelyand also gets sensitized to the value of a family. But his detractorsespecially the dubious Cheddi Singh (Sonu Sood) have their own vestedinterests. And emerge as spokes in the wheel, pulling one brotheragainst the other.Makhanchan ends up carrying out acts oblivious to the consequences.When he realizes he has been used, he turns to Chulbul. Will Chulbultake his extended hand? Will the brothers be able to threat theirdetractors? Well this time, Chulbul’s fearlessnesschannelizes itself positively and reunite him with his family.DABANGG is a hard-hitting, entertaining, emotional narrative thatunfolds grippingly in a region that has place only for the fearless.

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