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Ver Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo (2004) Online Gratis
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Ver Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyo (2004) Online Gratis


In 1971 during the Indo-Pak war and the formation of Bangladesh, Lt.Commander Vikramjeet Singh has a ship in his command and a regiment ofsoldiers of the Indian Army, commandeered by his dad, Major GeneralAmarjeet Singh. The ship comes under attack by a submarine of thePakistani Navy, undergoes damage, and sinks along with Vikramjeet, butnot before he courageously rescues about a hundred of trapped armysoldiers. Years later, Vikramjeet’s son Kunaljeet joins the army as aCaptain, but he lacks the values his dad and grandfather had in themabout serving the country selflessly. He just wants to be employed withthe army for a couple of years, then re-locate to the U.S., run abusiness, and make lots of money. In order to accomplish this he alwaysmakes up excuses of not going to the front. He falls in love withShweta Bhansali, and decides to stay in the army in order to be closeto her. In order to achieve a medal, he fakes heroism; then carelesslyjeopardizes a planned attack on terrorists and as a result severalterrorist escape to their hideouts. Disciplined and chastised, aninjured and humbled Kunaljeet awaits to meet his sweetheart – only tofind out that she is in love and married to his senior Officer MajorRajeev Singh. The only thread binding him to the army is broken, and itis then Kunaljeet finds out that the terrorists in collusion with rebelPakistani officers are planning to bomb the Bhagwan Shivji’s AmarnathTemple in Jammu & Sikkim in order to wipe out the Hindureligion and culture once and for all. Will Kunaljeet act accordinglyto save some lives, or will his rashness result in more casualties?

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